2010 April - EC Hunter/Equitation/Hack Clinic
Caroline Jones, Calgary, AB

Liz Sahlstrom


Errington, BC Canada (250) 954-0655 Email:  Magic50@shaw.ca

General Experience

40 years of Equine ownership with experience in stable management,
Equine first aid, nutrition, horse showing, training, coaching, judging,
clinician and seminar speaker, trail riding and camping with horses,
gaming, cutting & reining, cattle penning, 4-H member & 4-H leader,
riding club president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer positions,
junior rodeo, pleasure driving, and dressage.


HCBC Senior Provincial Official GP;
Listed in BC and Alberta Horse Industry Guide
EC General Performance, Recorded Judge "r"
EC Coach

Judge‘s Clinics

2012 January - Dressage Officials Clinic
Lorraine Macdonald, FEI 4*

2011 January - General Performance Officials Clinic
Scott Neuman, Billings, MT

2010 April - EC Hunter/Equitation/Hack Clinic
Caroline Jones, Calgary, AB

2006 November - General Performance Judge's Clinic
Patti Carter, St George, ON

2005 October - Richard Shrake - Resistance Free Riding
Vancouver, BC, www.richardshrake.com

2005 October - Tim Kimura - trail course designer
Vancouver, BC, www.timkimura.com

2004 October: Improve Your Eye for Functional Conformation
Langley, BC Judy Wardrope, www.jwequine.com

2004 February: Equine Canada Youth/Horsemanship Day
Richmond, BC

2003 November: Arabian Horse Association Judges Seminar
Scottsdale, AZ USA

2003 November: NRHA Judges Seminar

Scottsdale, AZ USA, Ollie Griffith, Plain City, OH USA

2003 October: General Performance Judging Clinic
Peter Fraser, High River, Kim Hazlet, Ottawa, ON

2002 May: Hunter/Equitation Clinic Bobbi Reber
Langley, BC

2001 November: General Performance Judging Clinic
Patti Carter, Cambridge, ON

2001 March: Hunter/Equitation/Hack Seminar
Barb Mitchell, Stouffville, ON

2001 Feb: Jumper Judge Seminar
Dave Esworthy, Langley, BC

2000 November: NRHA Judges Clinic
Joe Carter, St George, ON

Specializing in safety around horses, trailer loading, round penning, trail riding safety, timid riders, showing & reining.

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